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Dog Shampoo Bar

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This item is out of stock

Let's face it washing dogs is not fun!  To make the task easier I developed my own dog shampoo bar recipe and added a rope.   

Benefits of a dog shampoo bar:

  • First, the rope can easy slip around your wrist so the bar doesn't get away from you. 
  • Also with a shampoo bar you can keep one hand on the dog at all times.  I know that not every dog likes a bath and it is very difficult to hold on to a soapy dog.  
  • You can apply the minimum amount of soap to each area of the dog.  Especially good for belly, legs, paws and under arms.   The soap will not be running out of you hand before it gets to the dog.  
  • I find using a bar makes the whole process quicker because I'm not chasing a dog or wrestling a bottle.  I put the soap where I want it scrub and rinse. 

Our recipe is made of Canola oil, castor oil, coconut oil, palm kernel flakes, essential oils, sodium lactate (helps soap release from the mold).   It is a 4% superfat so it will help remove the smelly oils on the dog but not dry out their skin.   

Now go wash your dog!