Zarm Farm Welcome to the ZARM farm.

All Pigs are currently sold 

Peanut- Our Boar -SOLD

Born 8/27/2020
Wt @ age 3 months 90lbs 

Disposition is excellent!   He is a calm and was handles often as a piglet raise with us.  He is gentle with the sows and overall and really great guy. 

7 even teats on each side 

Pic age 3 months

Pic 1 year old 

Underline—-7 nipples each side 

SOLD- Phyllis (black and white)-GILT -$500-weighs approx 350-400lbs 

Has had 3 litters
First litter-8
3rd-6 (Dec 12, 2023)

6 teats 
7 teat on other side 1 pin nipple 

Excellent gentle mother.  Friendly to us even when nursing and raising piglets.   Loves scratches on the daily!

JFF Jodi C0559 X MCF Bandit E0839
Born 8/4/2020
Wt at 4 months >100 lbs

Pic at 4 months of age 


Trixie (cream)-GILT -SOLD 

Has had 1 litter or 4 piglets in Spring 2022
Has not rebred although has been exposed
essentially she is free with the group because I’m not certain she will breed again but I would like to give her some time yet. 

Friendly and gentle pig good mothering 
12 even nipples 

BM Rex F 0844 (ginger) X CPP Kelly F0842 (tri-colored)
Born 11/11/2020

Pic at 2-3 months of age 

Pic age 10 months