Zarm Farm Handmade soaps, Beeswax body butter and Lip Balms. We raise Registered Idaho Pasture Pigs

Our breeding Trio of Registered Idaho Pasture Pigs

**2 Litters will be arriving Spring 2020*

Things to Know: 

  • Boar reservation requires a $100 deposit and may have choice of litter.   All boars are castrated by 2 weeks of age. 
  • All intact animals (females and Males) will be registered with the Idaho Pasture Pig Registry.  
  • Delivery is available at a rate of $1.50 per mile from my farm to your chosen location.
  • If your piglet will be transported out of PA a Heath Assessment form will be completed by my vet and cost will be added to sales price.  (average $75)
  • Ear tagging with Premise ID- included 
  • Piglets will all receive Iron injections and worming.  

Our Boar "Hickory"  Born Aug 30, 2015


Walnut (sow) Born July 26, 2015


Born 9/2/2017
WBF Love Pig E0592

Past litters: 

Please contact us with questions 570-784-9276 (ZARM)