Zarm Farm Welcome to the ZARM farm.

Registered Breeder of Idaho Pasture Pigs 

Please Email if interested. 

Current Prices: 
$400-Registered Breeding quality stock 
$125-Feeder (castrated male piglet)  

*I will not pre-sell or accept deposit until I know I have healthy quality piglets, thank you to those who have offered but nature can be unpredictable.  

Things to Know: 

  • Breeding quality pig-  requires a $100 deposit.  Payable to PayPal
  • All intact animals that meet breed standard will be sold and registered with the Idaho Pasture Pig Registry.   Registered prices apply.  (No intact animals will be sold as "meat pigs".) 
  • Delivery is available at a rate of $1.50 per mile from my farm to your chosen location. (within 200 miles)
  • If your piglet will be transported out of PA a Health Assessment form and your states testing requirements will be completed by my vet. Cost is included in sale price. 
  • Ear tagging with Premise ID- included 
  • Piglets receive Iron injections and worming.
  • Typically piglets are sold between 5-8 weeks of age or older.  


Walnut (sow) Born July 26, 2015


Peanut- Our Boar 

Born 8/27/2020
Wt @ age 3 months 90lbs 

Pic age 3 months

Pic 1 year old 

Underline—-7 nipples each side 

Phyllis (black and white)-GILT 

JFF Jodi C0559 X MCF Bandit E0839
Born 8/4/2020
Wt at 4 months >100 lbs

Pic at 4 months of age 


Trixie (cream)-GILT 

BM Rex F 0844 (ginger) X CPP Kelly F0842 (tri-colored)
Born 11/11/2020

Pic at 2-3 months of age 

Pic age 10 months

Shelagh (Tri-colored)-GILT 

BM Rex F 0844 (ginger) X CPP Kelly F0842 (tri-colored)
Born 11/11/20

pic at 2-3 months of age 

Pic age 10 mon