Zarm Farm Handmade soaps, Beeswax body butter and Lip Balms. We raise Registered Idaho Pasture Pigs

Our breeding Trio of Registered Idaho Pasture Pigs

*1-2 litters expected in Aug 2020*   
Please Email if interested. 

Current Prices: 
$250-Registered Breeding quality stock 
$100-Feeder (castrated male piglet)

* Interest in IPP's has been exploding!   So plan to be patient if looking for piglets.  I'm happy to add everyone to my email and let folks know when the litter is born, but we just never know how many piglets will be born.   

*I will not pre-sell or accept deposit until I know I have healthy quality piglets, thank you to those who have offered but nature can be unpredictable.  

Things to Know: 

  • Boar reservation requires a $100 deposit.   All boars are castrated by 2 weeks of age. 
  • All intact animals (Females and Males) will be registered with the Idaho Pasture Pig Registry.   Registered prices apply.  (No intact animals will be sold as "meat pigs".) 
  • Delivery is available at a rate of $1.50 per mile from my farm to your chosen location. (within 200 miles)
  • If your piglet will be transported out of PA a Health Assessment form and your states testing requirements will be completed by my vet and cost will be added to sale price.  (average $75)
  • Ear tagging with Premise ID- included 
  • Piglets will all receive Iron injections and worming.  

Our Boar "Hickory"  Born Aug 30, 2015


Walnut (sow) Born July 26, 2015


Born 9/2/2017
WBF Love Pig E0592

Past litters: 

Please contact us with questions 570-784-9276 (ZARM)