Zarm Farm Handmade soaps, Beeswax body butter and Lip Balms. We raise Registered Idaho Pasture Pigs

~ ZARM Bee  Apiary~

Below is what we see when we open the hive

above-This is after we have removed the boxes of honey from the hives.

Below- Picture of the worker bees whom are all females processing the honey.  The white area on the left side of the picture is capped honey.  The caps are wax lids that the bees place on top of the cell to protect the honey.  Just like a lid on a jar.  When we extract the honey we use a warm knife and cut the caps off.  The caps are then cleaned and melted down before using the wax to make lip balms and lotions. 

Picture Below: Shows workers and some mature brood (baby bees) who should soon hatch.  The Big tall cell is a Drone (male bee).   There is also a worker in the bottom right who has some beautiful orange pollen on her legs. 

Below: Frame of Capped Honey

How do we get the honey out of capped Frame?


We use a warm knife to cut the caps off.  Then the honey drains from the wax in this pan.  The honey collected from this will then be strained twice.  The wax caps will then be cleaned, strained and melted to be used in body butters and soaps. 

 I typically use a solar wax melter to clean the wax.

 Once the frames are opened they go into our extractor.  This is hand cranked model that holds nine frames.   The honey will spin out and slide down to the bottom where we open a honey gate and strain into a bucket.  (Below is picture of inside of the extractor where the honey collects)

The honey gate is open and honey is being strained. >>>>

Then we bottle the honey from the bucket!

It all takes about 1-2 weeks for us to harvest our honey.   We harvest "Spring Honey" in June which is typically lighter and more floral tasting.  Then in September we harvest our "Fall Honey" typically is dark and has a stronger robust taste.   

All our honey is classified as "Wildflower" because we do not harvest it after specific flowers bloom.   We harvest when the timing is good for the bees.  This means that they have a strong colony and if we take some honey they will still have some stored.  We also don't feed our bees any sugar syrup or supplements.   We feel this keeps them healthier and allows them to grow in a natural manner.